Amsterdam, NL | Published on: June 28, 2010
Social media pitch, the site for baking, sharing and discovering your playlists opens her doors to the public.
Amsterdam based music startup opens her doors to the public.

With Playlistify one can bake playlists from various sources such as iTunes&Winamp, Youtube,, SoundCloud, Spotify, We Are Hunted, or copy-paste text from any source.

The results are interactive playlists which can be shared through an interactive gadget and the shorturl. The playlists can be opened in Spotify as well. All playlists are exposed and discoverable via The Playlistify Directory
During The Next Web Conference 2010,  Amsterdam based music startup showed her goods to the public for the first time. Six months after the first line of code and 3 months in stealth modus Playlistify steadily added functionality to her website for this v0.1 launch. As of today everyone is invited to come browse or create instantly interactive and shareable music curations on this 'hub for playlists'.

Bake playlists
With one can bake playlists from various sources such as iTunes & Winamp, Youtube,, Soundcloud, We Are Hunted, Spotify, copy-paste text or use the 'Playlistify Anything!'-bookmarklet. Once submitted, the application starts baking the playlist. During the bake users are asked to complete the information about the playlist. This is trivial as this meta data helps identifying and indexing the playlist for future recommendations.

Share playlists
Once baked, the result is an interactive playlists (direct play, tweets from artists appearing in the playlist and more) which can be shared through an embed-able interactive gadget or via the Pro powered shorturl on all social networks. The playlists can be opened in application Spotify or played. 

Discover playlists
Every baked playlist is automatically published in The Playlistify Directory. Users can browse the available curations via various nodes on the directory homepage: A mapview, tagcloud, popular artists, and recent playlists are a great starting point to discovery new lists. Via the Sphinx powered Search engine users can find playlists on an ever expanding variety of topics, activities, locations, artists or usernames. 

Supported playlist import sources:
  • iTunes  
  • Winamp
  • Windows Media player
  • Youtube 
  • Copy paste
  • XSPF formatted
  • Spotify
  • We are Hunted
  • SoundCloud 

Supported playlist export sources:
  • Spotify
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
Based upon Playlistify API an Iphone app as well as an Android app a Boxee app are in the making. Support for Facebook is a first on the roadmap.

Playlistify offers an API for external developers which is currently in alpha. The API currently offers searching and exposing of playlists. 

Promoting music because we love it!
We love music, hence is against illegal file sharing. Our mission is to build and expand this site into a compelling music service, serving both artists and fans in their best interest.

Therefore every tracklisting in every playlist links back to (when available): online music stores such as Amazon, the artist's page on, the artist's official site as well as Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter. Furthermore Playlistify offers her users the possibility to open each track on Spotify, or (both subscription based) and the site is actively looking into an Rhapsody implementation for US residents. 

Playlistify offers the possibility to play on a 'best guess - first result' basis results from Youtube. Some labels, into our opinion, have the right vision with regards to music appearing on Youtube: They turn their number one results on Youtube into offical releases with interactive buttons to actively engage the listener and buy the original track or ringtone. Great examples are Lady Gaga and Armada music. 
This Youtube integration is clientside, based upon the javascript API. 

Under construction is under continuous development and new features are added on a daily basis. 

The curation of information => the curation of music
a playlist a day keeps the doctor away!

— roelandp from